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Potential skills for new characters Empty Potential skills for new characters

Post by FutureWarrior Gohan on Mon Mar 02, 2015 1:46 am

Gotenks[Base/SSJ]: Kamehameha[D>J],Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack[1 ghost in base,5 in SSJ[Press DvJA and press A 5 times in Super Saiyan Form to spit the maximum amount of ghosts],Charge[Goten's headbutt attack that can be performed by a combo[Super Punch+J+A+DvJ and can press D>A to rebound off the ground with a ki-blast and head east or west depending on which direction you initiate the combo.This is needed only if your opponent dodged the attack,otherwise not pressing D>A charges you to the ground and upon impact,it causes an explosion.] Spindall-Top Punch[D^A.Gotenks spins one of his arms really fast,making it look like a buzz saw.Gotenks then runs and if he impacts with an opponent,they get inflicted about 140 damage and get knocked-back far.]Cosmic Halo[D^J,Makes a ring and follows a nearby enemy.If the ring catches an opponent,it will bind them and then explode.Super Saiyan only.]

[SSJ3]: Super Kamehameha[D>J],Super Ghost Balloon[Same buttons as super ghost kamikaze attack,can make up to 15 ghosts maximum by rapidly pressing A.One ghost is weaker than Super Gotenks' ghosts,these ghosts leave small explosions while Super Gotenks' ones leave big explosions.],Die Die Missile Barrage[D>AJ,AAA...],Super Buu-Buu Volleyball[DvJA,Shoots 3 rings of huge energy rings at an opponent and turns them into a volleyball.The opponent will be unable to move and will explode after 10 seconds,this gives you time to combo the enemy.Any huge impact on the ground will cause it to explode immedietley.],Mouth Blast/Victory Cannon[D>JA,strong as Super Kamehameha but faster to charge]

Teen Gohan[Base/SSJ/SSJ2]: Kamehameha[D>J],Super Kamehameha[D>JA],Masenko[DvJ],Explosive Wave[D^J,SSJ and SSJ2],Super Energy Wave Volley[D>AJ,SSJ and SSJ2],Super Masenko[DvJA],Rageful Counter[Defend a hit + A J,punches the attacker in the stomach and then kicks them in the face with a side kick.Can be comboable.Only SSJ2 can do.]

Potential skills for new characters 2heyiir Different height between Goku and Gohan

Potential skills for new characters Dbzlf210
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