Next version characters (version after v0.1.7.1)

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Next version should contain which characters?

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43% 43% 
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Next version characters (version after v0.1.7.1)

Post by bashscrazy on Sat Apr 11, 2015 10:02 pm

Okay so, I will be working on this again in like 2 weeks, so I would like to know in the new update what characters you would like to see.

So If I just add Ultimate Gohan in the next version it should take like 1 week to fix him up.

These are just TIME GUESSES for how long each which take, they are ranged but might still not fall within the range
Ultimate Gohan - ~1 week
Base/SS/SS2 Gohan (Buu) - ~2-4 weeks
Base/SS/Super/Ultra Future Trunks (armor) - ~3-6 weeks

Seems like this Gohan won: POLL LINK CLICKY

Ultimate Gohan can be transformed into from base form (like Majin Vegeta). As for the change in clothes I can make Kibito randomly appear and change them or they can just magically change Very Happy

As for Future Trunks, the poll is still tied: Ponytail vs Straight: POLL LINK CLICKY

You can still vote to change it before he gets sprited.


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Re: Next version characters (version after v0.1.7.1)

Post by FutureWarrior Gohan on Mon Apr 20, 2015 7:31 pm


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FutureWarrior Gohan
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