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Post by bashscrazy on Wed Aug 27, 2014 1:33 am

  • 5 New Characters
    • Vegeta (Namek)                                -Level 2
    • Goku (Buu)                                       -Level 4
    • SS Goku (Buu)                                 -Level 5
    • SS2 Goku (Buu)                               -Level 6
    • SS3 Goku (Buu)                               -Level 7
  • New Defense Levels (Updated all defense modifiers by 1.5x)
    • Level 1 = 1.0x attack and 1.5x defense
    • Level 2 = 1.1x attack and 1.65x defense
    • Level 3 = 1.3x attack and 1.95x defense
    • Level 4 = 1.6x attack and 2.4x defense
    • Level 5 = 2.0x attack and 3.0x defense
    • Level 6 = 2.5x attack and 3.75x defense
    • Level 7 = 3.1x attack and 4.65x defense
    • Level 8 = 3.8x attack and 5.7x defense
    • Level 9 = 5.0x attack and 7.5x defense
  • Modified EXE art


(minor changes)
-Changed Hunter’s arrow to a level 1 ki blast
-Changed Ice (frozen) effect to blind effect (still in beta as you become temporarily invincible)
-Instant Transmission now teleports you to opposite side of where it usually puts you. (So if you and your opponent are facing each other, instead of continuing to face them, you will teleport behind them)
-Created a shitty recolour of the Cliff background to try and make my own wastelands hah
-Decreased the size of Super Vegito’s Kamehameha ball by 25%
-Added sound effect when you deflect a ki blast
-SS Vegeta (Android), Super Vegeta(Android) and SS2 Vegeta (Buu) use Big Bang Attack a bit faster with new voice clip!
-minor speed increase on Majin Vegeta’s Final Impact and it no longer disappears after a second (unless of course it’s destroyed)
-Fixed all of Vegeta’s bpoints (blood)

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DBZ LF2 v0.1.7 WVUTOv1

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